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LISTEN: Will You Like DaChri ‘unfiltered’?

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Anyway, onto the review…

Who’s ready for an unconventional pop banger that flies in the face of the algorithmic gods?

Hear “unfiltered.”

LISTEN: Purple Haired Rock Goddess Anastasia Elliot Inspires Listeners to Turn Traumas into Works of Art in Her First EDM Song, “The Shattering”

Known as the “purple haired rock goddess,” audio-visual artist Anastasia Elliot is enigmatic to say the least. Her colorfully curated style, disciplined classical training, and her ability to create an entire immersive universe of cinematic wonder, all alchemize in such a way that sets her apart from fellow artists in the indie art rock world. 

Hear the Single

LISTEN: I Dye My Hair With Free Zuma (Literally)

Bi-coastal duo Free Zuma are front man David Kuehl, who has a perfect marriage of Trent Reznor’s tone and Dave Pirner’s (Soul Asylum) vulnerability; as well as Andrew Wallace, whose palpable southern California psychedelic rock takes me to the sounds of the Allah Las and Mystic Braves.

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LISTEN: On ‘i can’t,’ Sarah Faith Separates the Real from the Fake

“I can’t imagine you’d stay seated at this table if it was turned.”

No toxic relationship dynamic is worth sacrificing your own sense of self-worth. Regardless of our connection, sometimes the only choice we have is to walk away.

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Songs You Should Hear: Changing Seasons, Powerful Tunes

We have new tunes blowing in, like the gentle early-autumn breeze currently sweeping through Nashville.

This week’s Songs You Should Hear lineup features three emotionally-gripping new tracks from female artists. We start by whisking you away to the scenic Pacific Northwest, before transporting back in time to the 1980s — with a twist! Then, we close with a frantic pop anthem about the difficulties of finding love, when we find it hard to love ourselves.

Hear What You Should
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