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New Year’s Resolutions for the Emerging Musician

We’re at the beginning of another fresh, new year, bubbling like champagne with possibilities for success and happiness.

But… enough of the cliche stuff. It’s time to get to work! For musicians and creatives, we must work every day to bring ourselves one step closer to the lives we envision.

With that, we’ve compiled a list of steps that anyone can take to raise the bar in 2019, and to ensure that more eyes and ears engage with their content than ever before. Let’s go!

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A New Year, New Places, New Adventures

Well… that was some year we had there.

As many of you are aware, things look quite different than they did a year ago at this time. For one thing, we changed our name. For another, while we’re still bringing our hometown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania a fresh First Friday lineup every monththanks, Ralph! – our base content operations are now based in Music City itself, Nashville, Tennessee.

2018 took a lot of unexpected turns and took us to tons of new places. Along the way, we met another small army of independent musicians of just about any genre, while also showing love to those we’ve known for years. We’ve reviewed scores of releases, hosted a couple dozen or so events, and did it all in the name of advancing the works being created by the artists in our midst.

We also became more industry-conscious this year. We began scouring the internet for relevant content to help you get the most out of your band and your brand. We feel it’s important to connect musicians to the vast amount of resources out there, to help them #GoBeyond their locales and let their talents be known to the world. 2018 was just the beginning in that regard; there’s plenty more where that came from in the year ahead.

With that, we’re looking forward to doing what we do best in 2019 – providing independent and up-and-coming musicians with a resource to share their work and discover that of others. We want you to keep telling us when you have new releases, upcoming shows, or other significant milestones. And please, let us know what you want to see more of and what we can do better. The Underground Music Collective is your resource, and we want to serve you in the best ways we can.

Last (but certainly not least), thank you for sticking with us on the ride so far, from Christmas City, to Music City and beyond. We look forward to leading you to exciting new destinations and discoveries the whole year through.

Happy New Year. Here’s to a bright and prosperous 2019!

Here’s How LVU Will Support the Scene in ’17

Happy New Year! As we approach 2017 with a sense of vigor and excitement, we want to take our support of the music scene and surrounding community to the next level. Of course, we still plan to do the things you’ve come to expect from Lehigh Valley Underground, but there are new and exciting opportunities to do it bigger and better than ever before.

As we’ve reflected on what we’ve done to this point, we’ve come up with some ways to stay true to the whole “New Year, New Me” thing. Without further ado, here are our New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Put out even more of the good stuff: In 2016, Lehigh Valley Underground was good for about 450 posts, which certainly accounts for a lot of words, photos, and videos. The crazy thing? There’s still so much more we can cover. We’ll be combing the scene early and often to give you even more fresh, daily content in the coming year. We’re shooting for at least two posts per day in 2017, which means you can expect to hear and see something new about 730 times throughout the year.
  • Add voices to the conversation: To help us complete the previous goal, we want to hear from more of the people on our music scene. It’s our mission to welcome new contributors into the fold in 2017, and we want to invite writers, photographers, and local music enthusiasts to share their passions with the LVU audience. Contact us here if you want to join the team!
  • Let’s put on a show: In 2016, we sponsored a couple of great nights of live music. We want to do more of that this year, and that includes putting on a showcase (or several) ourselves. The great part about this goal is that we’re already working on the first one, and there stands an excellent chance that you’ll be hearing more about it very, very soon…
  • Work with our community: Lehigh Valley Underground wants to be a better community partner this year. This includes partnering with local organizations to support their causes, as well as helping more local businesses spread the word about what they’re up to. Again, some of these projects are already in the works, and we hope to share them with you all soon. Meanwhile, if you want to work with us in any capacity, be sure to reach out.

That seems like a good starting point to us, and it gives us something to strive for throughout the year (and look back upon, when it comes time for year-end reflection). Hold us to these resolutions, and please, let us know some of yours in the comments!

Best of 2016: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

To close our Best of 2016 video series (a joint LVU-Dustin Schoof production), Dustin and I each shared our favorite overall moment from our individual travels through the music scene in 2016, as well as what we’re looking forward to the most in the New Year. My responses are below. Of course, you can catch Dustin’s over at DustinSchoof.com. Mine is below.

I say something to this effect in the video below, but it bears repeating: Thank you all for being the motivating force behind all of this. When LVU launched in January, I could not have imagined it taking off to the heights it has reached. Now, I am optimistic that we will soar even higher together in the New Year.

Please be safe tonight, and have a happy and successful 2017.