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WATCH: Nicole Boggs & The Reel’s Delightfully DIY ‘None of Your Business’ Video

Quarantine has caused all of us creatives to get a little extra… creative.

Nicole Boggs & The Reel seem to have taken that as a mission on their new music video.

Watch the Video

PREMIERE: Nicole Boggs & The Reel Break More Than Hearts in New Video

Nicole Boggs & The Reel are known for their scintillating and, above all else, authentic brand of Americana-influenced rock and roll. Their music breaks from the status quo by blending contemporary rock sensibilities with gritty nuances of Memphis blues and soul, tied together by Boggs’ powerful voice and brutally honest narratives.

“We realized that trying to go with the status quo has not elevated us to the level we want to be,” Boggs said. “So, you might as well tell the f***ing truth.”

This philosophy is at the heart of the band’s new single, “I’m Gonna Break Your Heart,” from the forthcoming None of Your Business EP due out July 3.

See the Video Premiere!