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Sunday Replay: Originality, Purpose, and Small Victories

Our recent guests to The Quinn Spinn have spent years refining their creative processes, and the time spent has put them in a position where they can share the lessons they’ve learned.

Today’s Sunday Replay presents a few of those lessons, front and center. Watch the clips below! And, if you want more insights just like these, check out these links…

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5 Lessons from the First Half of 2022 (Solo Mission #13)

We have reached the official halfway point of 2022 — and so far, it’s been a year of tremendous growth around here!

With that, Gerard (a.k.a. The Quinn) shares the top five lessons he’s learned throughout the first half of the year. What are yours?


What is Gained from Letting Go? (Quinn Spinn Solo Mission #9)

As we continue our journeys as humans and entrepreneurs, we often come face to face with the reality that nothing lasts forever. We all encounter situations where we must let go — of situations, habits, and even relationships.

Letting go can be hard, but it doesn’t come without silver linings.


Paradox Jukebox Welcomes Crystal Bowersox to Discuss Motherhood, Mental Health, and ‘Hitchhiker’

On Wednesday, May 4, our friends at Paradox Jukebox are welcoming a very special guest for an in-depth conversation on motherhood and mental health awareness.

Join host Caitie Thompson as she is joined by Crystal Bowersox. The singer-songwriter, who gained acclaim as the runner-up on Season 9 of American Idol, just released her latest full-length album, Hitchhiker, which is available on all major streaming platforms.

This episode will feature “The Storm,” a single from Hitchhiker that delivers a powerful message to survivors of domestic abuse and rape. This is all part of an in-depth and honest discussion about multiple heavy-hitting topics, and the songs that represent them. These include:

Make sure to follow Paradox Jukebox for this episode and many more insightful conversations.

Scotty Rock Bares All? Cashing in on that Beanie Baby Collection, and Spelunking in the Outhouse (ft. The OG Quinn Spinn Family)

Does Scotty really bare all on this episode? Only one way to find out, and that is to listen! And, even if he doesn’t, perhaps there are clues about what you need to do to make it happen. 😉

Truthfully, the episode title is long enough as it is, but that doesn’t even begin to cover how many topics we covered in an hour, and how off-the-rails this conversation went. When the OG crew gets together, you should expect nothing less.


Coming Back from the Pandemic and ‘Charis Song’: A Conversation with Leah Jean

Ohio-born, Chicago-forged, and Nashville-based, Leah Jean’s immense musical talents shine through on everything she does. She also has a compelling story, as a musician who relocated to Nashville at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. We explore those turbulent times, and how they’ve led us to the present day, which includes the release of her new single, “Charis Song,” on April 15.


Crowdfunding 101 for Artists: Tips and Tricks with Nicole Hoglund of 94twenty

Nicole Hoglund is one of the hosts of the 94twenty podcast, which is described as a “journey through the music we love (and the industry we tolerate).” Nicole is also one of the architects behind the 94twenty artist crowdfunding platform, which helps artists raise capital for their upcoming projects, and a business development coach with more than 15 years’ experience in marketing and organizational communication and restructuring.

Today on The Quinn Spinn, Nicole shares valuable insights into crowdfunding best practices, and the ways artists can find success doing what they love. This is a must-listen for any artist looking to turn their passions into a career, and it’s here for you on The Quinn Spinn!


What is ‘Good Art,’ Anyway?

Today is a very special day: it’s 8 1/2 years to the date of the very day The Quinn Spinn was conceived.

Through the years, we’ve had the chance to appreciate art — and especially, music — in all of its forms. All the while, we’ve tinkered with our own art form (this show), as we’ve experimented with different ways to communicate our truth.

In the process, we’ve learned that true art cannot be put into a box.


You Have No Time to Waste (Solo Mission #4)

“Death gives meaning to our lives. It gives importance and value to time. Time would become meaningless if there were too much of it.” -Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines

We all have finite opportunities — to create, to inspire, and to love. What are you doing with yours?

How are you spending your dash?


Stop Burning Yourself Out (Solo Mission #2)

Focusing on your passion is a noble pursuit — however, your passion is only one part of life’s puzzle.

This Quinn Spinn Solo Mission poses a very important question: what are you doing to achieve balance and meet your own needs, so that you can continue showing up as the best version of you, in business and in life?

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