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Daily Spinn: Virginia Punks Wage War on the Diet Industry

Save your keto for someone else, because Richmond, Virginia-based punks Talk Me Off have had enough of the diet industry.

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Where Did It Get You, to ‘Swallow That Pill?’

As long as we’re still breathing, we always have a choice. Sometimes, we just need a wake-up call.

With that said, we have a new tune that is going to confront you as abruptly as an alarm clock on Monday morning, from Los Angeles-based grunge punks Tarah Who?

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The Quinn Spinn: Keeping Rock Alive and Thriving in 2021 with VOLK

VOLK closed 2020 by releasing their new single and video for Welcome to Cashville,” a high-powered rocker that stares down the music industry and shoots from the hip. It’s the first taste of their forthcoming album, Cashville, and it’s reason to be excited about what’s to come, to say the least!

Even more reason for excitement? Today, you get to hear the story of Chris Lowe and Eleot Reich, who formed VOLK after meeting by chance in Berlin, Germany. Together, they’ve traveled a winding musical road that led them all the way to Nashville, where they’ve remained focused on releasing music that is raw, honest, and unforgettable.


Our Gift to You: A Holiday Edition of UMC20!

We were sitting around, wondering what the UMC audience might enjoy waking up to on Christmas morning. After careful consideration, we think we’ve nailed it…

You want 20 tracks of holiday fire to play the whole day through!

Listen to UMC20: Holiday Edition

Daily Spinn: On ‘Welcome to Cashville,’ VOLK Proves Rock is Alive and Well

Press photo provided by VOLK.

Rock your way into a new week of Daily Spinns, with a new single that stares down the music industry and shoots from the hip.

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COVID Pivots, TikTok Dances, and ‘The Prettiest One Left’: Live Q&A with Mike Bay of Borrowed Sparks

Our friend Mike Bay of Borrowed Sparks released a Deluxe Edition of his EP, The Prettiest One Left, this past Friday. The re-release includes acoustic versions of three songs, and the option to purchase a vinyl pressing of the album (available for pre-order now).

Enjoy a special Live Q&A with Mike to discuss the release, the wild ride of 2020, and what 2021 has in store! And, when you’re done with that, listen to a conversation we had with Mike earlier this year on The Quinn Spinn, and pre-order your copy of The Prettiest One Left on vinyl.

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Daily Spinn: Anytime Soon Put Time and Care Into Preparing for ‘Jelly Donut Season’

In a perfect, non-COVIDed world, Anytime Soon would have brought the advent of “Jelly Donut Season” much sooner. However, the pandemic forced the Scranton, PA pop punks to make other plans, putting the breaks on the creative process behind their forthcoming EP.

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