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Working Toward Your Vision (Quinn Spinn Solo Mission)

When we embark on the creative journey, we often underestimate the level of work that goes into turning our passions into a career.

Here are a few examples of what that looks like, learned over the course of the past decade.

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Sunday Replay: Finding Inner Peace; What Would Kevin Do?

The Quinn Spinn Sunday Replay is BACK!

We’ve got some catching up to do, when it comes to giving you bite-sized clips of our Official Podcast to enjoy on demand. We’re confident that the ones we have for you after the jump will be a great place for you to dive in!

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Why I Launched a Coaching Program (Quinn Spinn Solo Mission)

This past Friday, March 10, I launched UMC Coaching, a 1-on-1 coaching program designed to give independent creatives everything they need to Show Up and Glow Up in their careers and lives.

Why was now the right time, after 10 years of The Quinn Spinn? Let’s dive in!

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Clare Cunningham: Finding Faith, Inner Peace, and a Path to the Grand Ole Opry

Clare Cunningham‘s artistic path — from Collon, Co. Louth, Ireland to Nashville — has taken her on a deeply personal and spiritual journey. That journey has led Clare to find inner peace through faith and a focus on holistic wellness. It has also led her to one of music’s most iconic stages, and the opportunity to stand in The Circle at The Grand Ole Opry on March 18.

Clare details her journey and the lessons she’s learned on today’s episode of The Quinn Spinn!


Inside the Creative World of 2Four

2Four is a man of many talents and passions. A hip hop artist, podcast host, former athlete, gamer, and fashion enthusiast, the Nashville native’s worlds often collide, and his platform reaches far into various segments of the entertainment industry.

2Four joins us on The Quinn Spinn today to discuss his creative journey, and the importance of building a multi-faceted platform that represents the entirety of who you are.


Community and In-the-Moment Creation with Andre Cataldo of Dear Genre

Andre Cataldo is the creative force behind Dear Genre, a St. Louis-based musical project that blends elements of shoegaze, rock, Americana, and more. Dear Genre just released their new Sounds // Silences EP, which presents “songs that already exist” in a different light. The project was recorded live at the UMKC Conservatory in Kansas City.

Andre walks us through the creative process, tells us about the St. Louis music community, and gives us a preview at what’s to come.


Balancing Life Changes and the Dream: A Conversation with Kate Puckett

Kate Puckett is a Nashville-based soulful pop singer with a powerhouse voice and a down-to-earth presence. Like many of us, Kate’s life changed throughout the course of the pandemic in a variety of ways — most notably, she became a mother for the first time.

As two independent creatives in our 30s, we have a lot to say about the constant balancing act between real world responsibilities and pursuing our passions. The result is an uplifting conversation meant to inspire creativity for people of all ages.


You’re Going to Hate This Episode (ft. The OG Quinn Spinn Family)

There’s something for everyone — to like or dislike — about this episode of The Quinn Spinn.

We chat about WrestleMania season, peruse the IHOP menu, and enjoy a Stupid News that might actually be the work of a genius.

All of that, plus Feelin’ Good and a special Something for Your Ears.


Building Global Connections: A Conversation with Will Linley

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Will Linley‘s authenticity and accessible, well-crafted pop songs have connected with fans worldwide. Will’s breakthrough 2022 EP, kill all my feelings, and recent single, “Last Call,” tell relatable stories for anyone navigating life and love in the 21st Century.

Will’s joy and gratitude for all that has happened — and everything still to come — is palpable on this episode of The Quinn Spinn.


UMC20: You’ll Love This Mix! (Feb. 14, 2023)

Yeah, yeah… we had to sneak “love” into the headline, because it’s Valentine’s Day and all.

But… it’s true! Our weekly installment of 20 fresh tracks brings the heat like you wouldn’t believe, seamlessly melding through genres and breaking down the barriers that prescribed musical labels often put in place.

Fall in love with these new tunes, and enjoy not one, but TWO Quinn Spinn bonus tracks at the end — because we’re now releasing two new episodes per week!

Listen to UMC20
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