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Daily Spinn: Dave Tsimba’s ‘Drunk’ Words Are Sober Thoughts

Are drunk words truly sober thoughts? Does our lack of inhibition when intoxicated cause us to admit things — to others or ourselves — that we’d otherwise hold back?

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Daily Spinn: Gerald Slevin’s ‘Kiss to the Future’

If you’re familiar with the New York art pop scene, you may already know Gerald Slevin. As frontman of the Brooklyn-based psychedelic pop outfit The Color Bars, Slevin has performed at SXSW and toured the world, even signing with Tokyo-based label 5D.

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The Authentic Rock & Roll Journey of Vera Bloom

Vera Bloom has taken a long road on her creative journey, from her upbringing in the Pacific Northwest, to Boston and New York City, and all the way to Nashville. Now, she has arrived to the release of her self-titled EP, which presents the rock and roll powerhouse at her most authentic and vulnerable.

Vera joins The Quinn Spinn today to discuss the record, and the importance of embracing all sides of herself during its creation.


Daily Spinn: TROY Captures Those Tense, Post-Breakup Emotions on ‘Foolish’

One of the hardest things about breakups are the lingering feelings that we still have for an ex — even if it’s against our better judgment.

The good news? It’s something we all go through, and TROY does a beautiful job conveying it on his new single, “Foolish.”

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Daily Spinn: Amber DeLaCruz Cuts the Final ‘String’

Our pal Cason Pratt turned us on to today’s Daily Spinn. You know him? He’s the guy that does the audio for all of those Live from the 615 things we’ve talked about here.

The artist in question? Amber DeLaCruz, who we last encountered by way of this festive holiday tune for those who spend the winter months in warmer climates. Today, however, things take a more serious turn on her latest single.

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