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Kicking Fear in the A**! (ft. Ender Bowen)

ECM member Ender Bowen made his return appearance on The Quinn Spinn, fresh off his debut performance in Nashville!

This retrospective of the experience leads to a conversation about facing and changing our relationships with fear, as well as the pivots that lead us to evolve.

This episode of The Quinn Spinn was recorded and produced at Helping Our Music Evolve (H.O.M.E.), Nashville, TN.

Opening theme: REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become

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Heal Hop is on the Come Up

T.R.A.N.E. Spitta is a hip hop artist, entrepreneur, and music business genius who is one of the architects behind The Come Up Tour, an upcoming tour set to hit several cities this summer and fall at select cities throughout the United States. The tour aims to give emerging hip hop artists valuable professional tour experience — alongside a dose of industry knowledge that will help them further their careers and leave an impact.

Learn more about the tour, as well as valuable information about performance rights, the festival circuit, and more!


SAVE THE DATE: The Quinn Spinn Celebrates its 10th Birthday Sept. 8

Friday, September 8 marks the 10th anniversary of Episode #1 of our Official Podcast, The Quinn Spinn. The show was the point of singularity for the entire UMC ecosystem; it was the formative idea that led to the launch of Underground Music Collective and its Bethlehem, PA-based predecessor, Lehigh Valley Underground.

That night, we’ll be celebrating a decade in the game the best way we know how: with an epic night of live music!

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Change the Way Forward

As we reflect on the first half of 2023, there is an opportunity to make second half adjustments.

Let’s chat about some of the lessons we’ve learned at UMC, and how they inform our journey toward greater impact.

Learn more about UMC Coaching⁠

Theme song: REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become

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Uncovering Purpose with Sebastian Ortiz

Sebastian Ortiz is a well-traveled, New Jersey-based folk songwriter with a mind to impact the world.

Sebastian’s latest single, “Everyday She Comes Back,” dives into the push and pull of toxic love — but this conversation goes even deeper, into the purpose and formative events that inform the creative journey.


Full Circle: A Day in the City and an iHeartRadio Debut

The year was 2014. Underground Music Collective (and its predecessor, Lehigh Valley Underground) was not but a twinkle in my eye. I was cobbling together odd jobs, still living at my parents’ house in New Jersey, and the only piece of the UMC platform that existed to that point was our now-Official Podcast, The Quinn Spinn.

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Finding the EEAZE in Entrepreneurship with Candy Tolentino

Candy Tolentino is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and host of the EEAZE podcast, the “Top Idea into Action Podcast for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.” Candy leans on two decades of experience as an entrepreneur to empower others on their own journeys, helping them identify opportunities and push past their fears.

Candy joins us today on The Quinn Spinn to share world-class insights that will serve anybody embarking upon the creative journey.

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