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UMC Real Talk: Does Your Release Have an Audience?

If you’re getting ready to release music, you’ll want to consider its audience. How are you using various platforms to get eyes and ears on what you’re doing? How have you been building relationships in advance?

This edition of UMC Real Talk gives some ideas of where to start.

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UMC Real Talk: You’re in the Arena

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably spent some time chasing your passions, and creating something with your heart and soul.

In turn, you’ve also probably faced unconstructive, unproductive criticism from time to time — from someone in a comment section, or perhaps, in real life.

Just remember: you’re here, and the trolls are there. This week’s UMC Real Talk goes deeper!

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UMC Real Talk: The Process

Each of us is on our own creative journey. With that comes a process that is guaranteed to teach us lessons. Some of them are easy. Others are a little more hard-earned.

Here’s why it’s important to trust in that process, no matter how things turn out in the moment.

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UMC Real Talk: At Decade’s End, Pt. 1

We’re coming up on the end of a decade, which means it’s time to decide what is coming with us into the next one.

This time of year — or decade — is perfect for cleaning out one’s closet. Let this edition of UMC Real Talk help guide you, as you decide what will stay or go!

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