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NashLive! Presents: Sly Boy, The Sewing Club, Tiger Sex, and SHELBYY

We’re excited to announce a new rock show at The Cobra Nashville on Friday, December 10. This time, we’ll welcome locals Sly BoyThe Sewing Club, and SHELBYY, who will be joined all the way from Cincinnati by internationally-known punks Tiger Sexwhom we had the pleasure of meeting right here in Nashville a couple years back.

Sly Boy is a dark alternative outfit based in Nashville, TN. After producing records for several Nashville area artists, Sly Boy released his self-produced, genre-fluid LP “Jibō Complex” in May of 2021. His live performances feature a mixture of rock, noisewave, and pop macabre.

The Sewing Club is a Nashville Rock band that formed in 2019. The group released their first single on January 16th, 2021 and are working with Jared Corder of Repeat Repeat* to release their debut EP this year.

Tiger Sex is an energetic, in your face, animalistic rock and roll band currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Known for pulling out all the stops during their live performances, the band has performed across the United States several times over, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

SHELBYY is a modern pop-punk/rock artist from Los Angeles, currently residing in Nashville. Her recent single, “LOUD,” is the quintessential post-COVID anthem, and a sign of the fun, edgy material she has coming down the pipeline. She’ll surely bring that same energy to the table when she joins us in East Nashville!

$10 | 21+ to enter

NashLive! Presents: Quinn O’Donnell, Tess, and Spirits Republic

Here’s something we already know about Thursday, November 18: it’s going to rock, and rock hard.

How do we know? Because that’s when we’ll be at The Cobra Nashville (2511 Gallatin Ave.) with a rock and roll lineup featuring Quinn O’DonnellVera Bloom, and Spirits Republic.

Quinn O’Donnell is known across Nashville for her raw and emotional performances. Her unique blend of alternative rock paired with atmospheric songwriting gives her a unique, yet timeless sound. Taking inspiration from artists like Death Cab For Cutie and Radiohead, O’Donnell takes root in the early 2000’s and late 90’s. Through her touring and local DIY shows, Quinn and her band full of friends have made their mark in venues across the Nashville area and beyond.

For alternative rock artist Tess, songs are born from moments — angry, filled with confusion, or laced with hope. The songwriter unveils those experiences with her piano centric style, fusing modern pop and classic rock. 
 For many years Tess supported other acts on keys, BGVs, and as a music journalist. Now she allows her music to rise to the front, giving ear to her creativity inspired by powerful artists like Fiona Apple, Ben Folds and Elton John. In 2020 Tess released her debut single, “Good For Nobody,” introducing her sound and perspective as a songwriter. The indie pop anthem was followed by a closer lean into her rock influences with “Fade Away (To Gray),” featuring upbeat piano and sliding guitar. Working with producer Parke Cottrell of Colony House, the artist recorded her debut EP, set to release the forthcoming summer. The songwriter shares how she wrestles with anxiety, her inner-critic, and learns to find purpose in the middle of it all.

Groovy. Heavy. Psychedelic. These are three words that have been used time and time again to describe Nashville based alternative/experimental rock band, Spirits Republic. The band is known to deliver a fun, fresh slice of progressive alt-rock and has been cited as being, “dynamic,” “unapologetic,” and “like Led Zeppelin mixed with The Smashing Pumpkins, with a hint of early Red Hot Chili Peppers and Primus.”

NEW SHOW ALERT: Sly Boy, The Sewing Club, Tiger Sex, and SHELBYY at Cobra Dec. 10

Our December calendar was looking a little bare, wasn’t it? Let’s fix that!

We’re excited to announce a new rock show at The Cobra Nashville on Friday, December 10. This time, we’ll welcome locals Sly Boy, The Sewing Club, and SHELBYY, who will be joined all the way from Cincinnati by internationally-known punks Tiger Sex, whom we had the pleasure of meeting right here in Nashville a couple years back.

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UMC20: The Best of October 2021

We’ve had a full month of new UMC20 playlists for the first time since May. You know what that means!

OK, in case you don’t know what that means: the last Tuesday of the month serves as a month-in-review for our weekly Spotify playlist, featuring the songs that you, the listener, seemed to enjoy the most throughout the month. This month, we did mix it up a bit — specifically, there are a couple of songs on here that didn’t appear on a previous edition of UMC20 this month. However, the artists behind them did, and we just felt like keeping you on your toes with a couple surprises this time around!

Let’s get to it, shall we? Here’s the Best of October!

Listen to the Best of October

PHOTOS: Skylar Gregg, Charles Ellsworth, and The Daily Fare at Cobra Nashville

We’ve found ourselves at The Cobra quite a bit lately. First, it was for this rock show. Then, it was for A Night of Nashville Hip Hop last Saturday.

On Wednesday night, it was time for the Americana genre to take a turn — with a showcase of artists from Nashville and beyond!

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Songs You Should Hear: Forts Like Vana Makes You Dance; Notelle Hits Hard on ‘Turnover Rate’ + More

First, thanks to everyone who read and shared last week’s Songs You Should Hear. It was a fun one to construct, and it’s always more fun when this type of thing is a team effort, right?

Well, we’re back with another one! Jenna and I compiled a few tunes to take you into your weekend, and we must not delay any further. Here are some…

Songs You Should Hear: Oct. 22, 2021

Hear What You Should

UMC20: New Tunes and Looking Ahead (Oct. 19, 2021)

Last week was the best kind of whirlwind around here! We got to enjoy a couple of great NashLive! shows, and we picked up some steam featuring more of your music, more frequently. We even had time for some Fun -N- Games.

Seriously, go watch that episode. What a great and meaningful conversation!

With all of that going on, we’re still catching up to make sure the glorious future is just as good as the recent past. That’s why we’re a tiiiiny bit late getting this week’s UMC20 in your hands.

Nonetheless, we think it’s worth the minor wait. You’ll find plenty of that new goodness on here, as well as some tunes that hint toward the shows to come (including this MONSTER taking place at Mercy Lounge next week). There’s rock, Americana, dark pop, and way more. We dare you to dig in!

Listen to UMC20
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