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LISTEN: Ryanhood Finds Truth ‘Under the Leaves’

Photo credit: Ehab Tamimi 

In a world that is increasingly superficial, we often lose sight of that which takes time to grow.

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Daily Spinn: Eric & The Soo Find a New Companion

Anyone who has had to quarantine at any point throughout the pandemic can tell you that true companionship goes a long way toward healing loneliness.

For Eric Brombacher of Toronto-based roots rock band, Eric & The Soo, a 14-day period of isolation led him to find a new companion — in the form of a vintage guitar.

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UMC20: The Best of September 2020

Having a month with five Tuesdays simplifies and complicates the UMC20 Best Of selection process, all at once.

It’s simplified, for the fact that we try to pick five songs apiece from each of month’s prior four playlists. It’s complicated when narrowing it down to those five each, however, because there’s so much good stuff to choose from.

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PREMIERE: Andrew C. Marshall’s ‘Cool Cat’ Weighs Perception Against Reality

Back in March, right after the world had locked down and we started putting on virtual live performances, we were joined by the charismatic and engaging Andrew C. Marshall for our March Underground Writers Round, presented in conjunction with AGD Entertainment.

We’re excited that Andrew has re-emerged to bring us “Cool Cat,” the first single from his debut album, Terrestrial Radio.

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The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, June 11

Over the years, Hershey, PA natives The Jayplayers have gained recognition for their live performances throughout eastern Pennsylvania. The roots rockers — fronted by songwriters Keeley McCue and Chris Weidensaul — have been heard at notable festivals across the region, and earned the 2018 PHLlive Center Stage Country/Folk Music Award from the Philadelphia City Council.

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UMC20: June 3, 2020

Our goal with this week’s UMC20 playlist — and really, any UMC20 playlist — is to present music from artists of all genres and perspectives. The common thread is that we, as human beings, are all unified in our creative passions, storytelling abilities, and collective drive to have a lasting, positive impact on the world around us.

In these turbulent times, we feel it is important to continue providing that platform. Beyond that, we are committed to finding ways to help create a stronger society; one that respects and celebrates the differences of its members. We welcome your input on how we can use our platform to achieve that goal, now and in the future.

We love you, and we look forward to those conversations. For now, we offer you this week’s playlist.

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