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Justin Angelo: Live at City View Sound

If you are familiar with the Lancaster, Pa. music scene, there’s a chance you may have heard of up-and-coming musician Justin Angelo. Angelo blends folk and blues guitar with brilliantly crafted lyrics that poetically illustrate his deep sense of passion, emotion, and consciousness.

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Neil Grover: Live at City View Sound

Neil Grover was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he fell in love with the piano at the age of seven. Neil’s parents began taking him to piano lessons where he swiftly became a failing student, given that he strayed away from music theory and focused more on creating his own compositions by ear.

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The Balcony Show Play of the Day: Sun., Apr. 14

It’s Sunday, and it’s time to take it easy. So, our friends in radio at The Balcony Show have just the thing after the jump to help you glide into the weekend.

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Hear Saturday’s Play of the Day

Ralph’s Reviews: Anna Rose Reveals Gentler Side on ‘Nobody Knows I’m Here’

New York-based Anna Rose combines a powerful voice and a rock and roll attitude on stage. Her live performances call to mind the likes of Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, or Janis Joplin, and her stage presence screams of an independent woman who is going to play hard, sing hard, and rock hard.

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Raven Kai: Live at City View Sound

Pop music is constantly changing, and finding one’s sound can be an incredible transformative and, at times, challenging experience for a young artist. Double that when that artist is moving halfway across the planet to pursue a career in music.

Meet Raven Kai
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