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The Balcony Show Play of the Day: Sun., Apr. 14

It’s Sunday, and it’s time to take it easy. So, our friends in radio at The Balcony Show have just the thing after the jump to help you glide into the weekend.

Hear Saturday’s Play of the Day
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Hear Saturday’s Play of the Day

Dana Gaynor Band Stands Up to Give ‘Power to the People’

Dana Gaynor is one of our music scene’s true icons and veterans. She’s won awards, and has played and toured with world-renowned artists.

All of Dana’s influences and experiences seem to come together splendidly on her band’s latest release, “Power to the People,” a seamless 14-track journey through the lands of blues, funk, country, and rock and roll.

Dana’s guitar work on “Power to the People” is, as expected, magnificent. A particular highlight is “In the Land of Fool’s Gold,” which features two well-crafted solos. Things get grittier on “Road to Oblivion,” which is complemented nicely with a fun groove in the rhythm section.

One thing to note about “Power to the People” is versatility. “Frenchman’s Wife” draws its main influence from country, while “Ghost Train” showcases the band’s blues side. Meanwhile, the album’s title track brings out the funk as Gaynor cries out for mankind to stand together and find unity in the world’s madness.

By crossing so many different styles and appealing to so many different tastes, Dana Gaynor makes it possible to find that unity, not only through her lyrics, but through a thoughtful album that offers something for everyone.

Standout tracks: “In the Land of Fool’s Gold,” “Power to the People”

Bonus Interview: KILLCODE at the Gin Mill & Grille

Friday night, KILLCODE came from Long Island to join Autoerotica and Vegafuse on a great night of rock and roll at Northampton’s Gin Mill & Grille. Each band was cool enough to hang out with us for a few minutes and tell us a bit about themselves.

Our interview with KILLCODE has everything you could want — information on the band, a bit of humor, and even a rude interruption from a loud, diesel-fueled vehicle (they say it was their tour bus). Enjoy!