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UMC20: Halfway Through September (Sept. 15, 2020)

To give you a little bit of inside baseball, one of the pleasant consequences of curating a weekly playlist is that it gives us 20 automatic slots to feature artists, week in and week out. When your inbox looks like ours does these days — still, and probably forever, catching up from being out of town — that’s nothing short of a blessing to get this music featured.

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ALew Dares to Dream on Debut, ‘The Prologue’

Listening to ALew, it’s easy to recognize a young artist brimming with potential. The Pennsylvania native showcases emotive, proficient guitar work alongside an ambitious cross-section of vocal styles, with the overall mission of changing the world through musical messages of love, unity, and positivity.

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Young Pablo: Live at City View Sound

Allentown, PA-based rapper Young Pablo was born in Florida, and finds himself heavily influenced by southern rap, as well as northern trap music. However, he carries influences with him that range beyond music, delving into poetry.

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PHOTOS: House Show at The Parlor

Our friend Richie Ares, who many of you out on the scene know and love as theLionhearted, invited us to take part in Thursday night’s debut show at The Parlor, a new house show venue in Bethlehem.

We’re glad we did — and we’ll definitely be heading there again!

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Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week: Jan. 30-Feb. 5

We believe that every week is “Super” here on the Valley’s music scene, and this one is no exception.

If you’re like most of the country, you probably won’t be venturing too far out on Sunday. Before then, however, there’s plenty of quality entertainment in your backyard. For example, here are the…

Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week!

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The Quinn Spinn: Oct. 10, 2016

Robert Hunter is a Pennsylvania boy who went to Nashville to record his dream. That dream — Robert’s new EP, “Outta My Mind” — is a topic of conversation when the singer-songwriter joins us on today’s show.

In addition, we have rock, hip hop, and even a bit of spoken word, as well as some Stupid News and Somethin’ Good… and a bit unexpected.

Track listing:
REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become (Opening theme)
Mo7s – Why
Robert Hunter – On That Road
Robert Hunter – Outta My Mind
Red Belt – Hard Light
The Space Sharks – Falling Down
Sixty Miles Ahead – Lost in my Mind (Eclipse)
Amplified – Adrenalin
Alpha Zero Three – Ghost
Autoerotica – Alone
NagMet – The Thought
Luis Drayton – Kiss My Boots
Rod McCoy – Conquer the World
Ronnie Makkalucci – Critical Flow
Ayoinmotion – Hamburg is For Lovers

Review: Wet Dentist – The Coup de Grace

Artist: Wet Dentist
Album: The Coup de Grace (LISTEN)
Released: 2016
Genre: Electro/Experimental

Bethlehem’s Wet Dentist makes music that is about the soundscape. It is about experimentation, and the mood it creates. On his latest release, “The Coup de Grace,” James Kristoff is willing to push boundaries and leave electronica’s often comfortable confines to create something unique.

A salient feature of Wet Dentist’s music is to challenge convention, and that notion is alive and well on “The Coup de Grace.” Even a track that is a bit more formulaic in structure, like “Soak Cobalt *bloat*dye*croak,*” gets off and running with vivid instrumentation and effects to support Violet Payne’s pointed, primarily spoken-word vocals.

Of course, Kristoff isn’t afraid to keep the listener guessing all on his own. A track like album closer, “A Rare Earth Element,” moves from idea to idea, mixing frantic percussion with spacy, atmospheric sounds, challenging the listener to keep an open mind and ear toward experimentation.

Track listing:
1) Community Piano
2) Soak Cobalt *bloat*dye*croak* (ft. Violet Payne)
3) Life/Afterlife
4) Haus of Whoa
5) Lead Ashtray (ft. Violet Payne)
6) In Order to Ascend
7) A Rare Earth Element

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