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The Quinn Spinn, with special guests EverSōl

In a polished musical landscape, EverSōl brings a raw, vulnerable edge to the scene that has made them one of the most exciting modern rock acts in Nashville — or anywhere else. Their fearless, authentic songwriting paints from a wide palette of musical influences, endearing the band to fans far and wide.

On this edition of The Quinn Spinn, we get to know Keece and Coffin, the musicians and creative forces behind EverSōl. We follow their journeys from Arkansas to Music City, and learn about their process and the lessons they’ve learned.


The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, November 4

It’s New Episode Release Day (N.E.R.D.), and we are thrilled for you to listen to the conversation we just put out with Keece and Coffin of Nashville-based alt-rock band, EverSōl. You can head here to do that, and you might as well follow The Quinn Spinn while you’re there.

With that, let’s take this back to where it all started in July.

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