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WATCH: Talia Stewart Unveils ‘Rat Race’ Video

When Talia Stewart released her album, Confessional, last year, we highlighted “Rat Race” as the artist’s “opportunity to claim her strength as a woman and put shifty men on notice.”

After watching the video for the spooky track, we can confirm: we are all, indeed, just rats in Talia’s race.

Watch ‘Rat Race’

The Quinn Spinn: Sept. 9, 2019

Talia Stewart‘s new album, Confessional, is a no-holds-barred exploration of human expression. Through her eclectic and dynamic soundscapes and striking, conceptual visuals, Talia uses her art to make us examine our relationships with each other and ourselves.

Talia joins The Quinn Spinn to talk about Confessional, her creative process, and what it has taken for her to carve out a special place in Nashville and the music world at-large.


REVIEW: Talia Stewart’s ‘Confessional’ A No-Holds-Barred Musical Experience

Word to the wise, before you listen to Talia Stewart’s new album, Confessional: get ready to feel strong emotions. Between the topics explored via Stewart’s jazzy, sultry alto and the album’s hard-hitting and robust soundscapes, you’ll come out having experienced a no-holds-barred exploration of human expression.

Listen to ‘Confessional’