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NashLive! Presents: Chelcie Jette, Ria Barkr, and ARREIS at The Cobra Nashville

Pairing smooth, yet dynamic vocal melodies with full-band instrumentals, Chelcie Jette writes and creates with a vibe in mind. What is that vibe? Think a dim light room cast in bright purples and pinks, plush seating scattering the floors, and a dreamy haze that envelops the air.

Following the building momentum of noteworthy releases, national performances and festival plays including stops at MajorStage, Sofar Sounds, and iHeartRadio in NYC under a former stage name, R&B singer-songwriter Ria Barkr surrendered to the universe and began looking inward during the global shutdown. As a result, she tapped into a fountain of creativity that flowed out of the chanteuse, and into a fresh collection of new songs. Now, Ria is already a promising R&B trailblazer in her own right who’s not afraid to change the game.

Ex-church girl turned extravagant frontman, ARREIS uses her intensity intertwined with intimacy to capture the hearts and minds of her audience. In each album, ARREIS blends other genres with her mainstream dark pop sound to fit a specific mood and color (“synesthesia”). With aspirations of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, she is a meticulous band leader and bona fide diva, making her live shows stadium-ready.

Sunday Replay: Therapy, Learning from Adversity, and Yoga Poses

Sometimes, The Quinn Spinn hits on serious topics that resonate with creatives.

Sometimes, things get silly.

We’ve got a helping of both in this week’s edition of the Sunday Replay. You’ll learn about the value of therapy and overcoming adversity, and you’ll also learn that not all of us are on the same level when it comes to doing yoga…

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REVIEW: Harlan, Saved Comes to the Rescue with ‘1958’

Dylan Odom — the Savannah, GA-based songsmith behind Harlan, Saved — didn’t act alone when he set out to release the project’s first EP, 1958. As good fortune would have it, he was able to enlist the help of his all-time favorite band.

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Songs You Should Hear: Dark Moods and Crying Wolf

Hold it right there!

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Anyway, onto this week’s Songs You Should Hear…

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Breaking the Fourth Wall: Meeting the Real Scotty Rock

You know him in Quinn Spinn lore as Scotty Rock. Our first co-host. The Pippen to my Jordan. The Donkey to my Shrek.

Today, however, Adam Arnold steps out of the shadows.

We invite Adam to break the fourth wall today to tell us about his new podcast, Can’t Live With ‘Em, Can’t Live With Adam. The show is an opportunity for Adam to open up about his challenges navigating Tourette Syndrome, ADD, learning disabilities, countless legal issues, and many family conflicts — and how he has emerged strong and successful.


Wednesday Wisdom: How to Get Booked for Gigs

We kick off our Wednesday Wisdom series with Jeannie Jones. Jeannie is an award-winning journalist, media personality, actress, producer, director and brand architect. Jeannie’s Los Angeles-based multimedia firm, Ready Set Impact, specializes in music, film, and radio production; publishing; social media marketing, branding, and casting.

Jeannie is no stranger to the live music scene, and she dropped by here today to offer some insights on how you can book more shows, more often.

Booking a gig is always an exciting moment. The anticipation of an upcoming live performance is a huge motivator to finish songs and prepare to perform. There’s nothing more exhilarating than the in-the-moment feeling of playing live music. 

Now that venues are reopened after being paralyzed by the 2020 pandemic, promoters and managers are eager to work with talent that’s prepared to perform. That’s why you need a plan to book your next (or first) gig. After all, it’s your chance to be heard by fresh ears in a live environment.

Let’s look at a handful of tactics you can employ to book a gig, get on a great bill, and get invited back. 

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UMC20: The Best of January 2023

Last day of the month! Last Tuesday of the month!

Last chance to hit you with the Best of January!

We have a growing multitude of reasons to be excited about 2023 here at UMC. Certainly, the strong musical opening statement provided by you, the independent artists of planet Earth, is among them.

Let’s keep up the good work, y’all! In the meantime, dive into some memorable tracks from throughout the month.

Hear the Best of January

Participants Revealed for Feb. 15 ‘Succeeding as a Black Entrepreneur in the Music Industry’ Virtual Panel

Last week, we announced that we’ll be hosting a free virtual panel in commemoration of Black History Month, titled Succeeding as a Black Entrepreneur in the Music Industry, on Wednesday, February 15 at 6 p.m. CT. This special event will give multi-disciplinary music industry veterans a chance to share their experiences navigating the industry as a Black creative, the challenges they’ve encountered and overcome, and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Today, we’re back with the official panelist announcement!

Meet the Panelists

Sunday Replay: Relationships, Australian Myths, and The Office

We’re showing off our range with these Sunday Replay clips from our Official Podcast, The Quinn Spinn.

In these clips, find out:

  • The value of having a supportive relationship partner.
  • Whether Australia is real.
  • If The Office is actually funny.

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