Review: Midnight Mob – Honest Brutal Glorious EP

Artist: Midnight Mob
Release: Honest Brutal Glorious
Release Date: March 25, 2016
Genre: Hard Rock

Midnight Mob is one of the most memorable hard rock acts to come out of the New York area in recent memory. The band’s unique talents in blending of so many different shades of rock – combined with one of the highest-energy live shows currently on the indie circuit – has always made it stand out among its contemporaries.

The band’s upcoming EP, “Honest Brutal Glorious,” is all three of those things. It is Midnight Mob at its purest and most unapologetic – that is to say, at its best.

Frontwoman Blackey Lor’s vocal performance on “Honest Brutal Glorious” is on-point across the board, and the record serves as a perfect example of what makes her one of the most versatile vocalists in indie rock. She can sing with soul, as she does on the EP’s spirited opening track, “Song for the Damned,” just as well as she delivers powerful angst on a song like “Run for Your Life.” Moreover, she makes it look and sound easy, projecting the convincing swagger that has become her calling card.

In its entirety, the band’s collective ability offers a listening experience that seamlessly demands a wide range of reactions from its fans. Certainly, there are some trademark headbangers on “Honest Brutal Glorious,” but the band doesn’t stop there. The dance rock flair of “Swing On” will surely have audiences stomping and clapping along during live shows, while “Stay,” the album’s stripped-down closing track, is as beautiful as it is haunting, as it tells the tale of a love lost.

“Honest Brutal Glorious” serves as a reminder of what hard rock can be when bands continue to push past old boundaries. Certainly, the members of Midnight Mob have no fear when it comes to challenging themselves, and their hard work pays off with an EP that will surely stand as one of the year’s best.

Track listing:
1. Song for the Damned
2. Run for Your Life
3. Ghosts
4. Black Mamba
5. Swing On
6. Stay

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