Sunday Thought Series: Something is Happening

I had the opportunity to go out on the scene three nights in a row this week.

On Thursday, I went to The Original Music Series, as I typically do, to see Quadraplay and Aniqatia.

Friday night afforded me my first-ever trip to Northampton’s Gin Mill and Grille for a night of hard rock with KILLCODE, Autoerotica, and Vegafuse.

Then last night, I went back to Phillipsburg’s Warhouse Collective for a night of indie rock from Handheld, VoirVoir and Sing, Bird of Prey.

Through it all – three distinctly different nights of great music, some hard-working, amazing people people and my own opportunity to connect more deeply with our music scene – I have come away with this thought.

Something is happening in the Lehigh Valley, and it’s big.

Those on the Lehigh Valley’s original music scene have waited years and, in some cases, decades for these days to come. These are days where more opportunities continue to arise for artists of any genre in the region. The folks on the scene are realizing that it will take teamwork and commitment to bring all of our efforts to prominence, and it appears that these people have begun to find each other and team up for the greater good.

We’re talented, we’re dedicated, and our voices are getting louder. We’ve made it this far, so let’s keep it up.

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