Like Stories? There’s a ‘Slam’ for That Tonight!

If you’re looking for a different side of the Valley’s arts scene, or just enjoy a pint and a good story, head to McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub in Bethlehem tonight for the Lehigh Valley Story Slam.

The Story Slam, operating upstairs at McCarthy’s since May 2015, invites storytellers of all ages and backgrounds to tell tales that revolve around a particular theme. Tonight’s stories will revolve around “Heroes,” and participants are encouraged to talk about their personal heroes, times when they felt heroic, their own encounters with superheroes, and more.

You don’t have to tell a story to attend – if you prefer, just sit back and listen to your fellow attendees do their thing. Either way, get ready to laugh, cry, and feel a positive, communal energy in the room.

For tickets and more information, visit the official webpage for tonight’s event.

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