PHOTOS: Pete Hill, Voirvoir, CRUISR, Cheerleader at The Alternative Gallery

The inviting and inclusive atmosphere of The Alternative Gallery in Allentown proved to be the perfect host for a night of indie-pop rock ‘n roll this past Sunday.


Pete Hill & Friends kicked the show off with their own style of folky pop tunes. Their upbeat rythms combined with catchy choruses grabbed everyone’s attention and set the tone for the night.


The next to take the stage was Voirvoir.  This local 5-piece played an arrangement of synth-heavy melodies and hard-hitting harmonies that seemed to permeate the painted gallery walls and captivate the audience.

Cruising up to join us was CRUISR, the dancey pop rockers from Philly. Now, the term “dancey” is used quite literally – they invited people from the crowd to sing and dance along with them while they played. These guys clearly know how to party!


Also joining us from Philly were the heavy-pop headliners Cheerleader. Their bright, eclectic style of indie rock was both enthralling and energetic, and the ideal conclusion to a great night of local music.


Check out The Alternative Gallery for more upcoming events.


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