LVU Wants to Know: Where Do You Want a New Venue?

We’re not suggesting anything with that image. We swear…

With our ever-growing music community producing more talent than perhaps ever before, the demand for venues – particularly, those which support original music – has increased in recent years.

Of course, this demand has been met by the emergence of hot spots in certain pockets of the Valley. SteelStacks has dominated the music scene in Bethlehem over the past five years, while the South Side also boasts mainstays Godfrey Daniels and The Funhouse. Meanwhile, Allentown’s resurgence and Easton’s emerging presence have, respectively, provided more local, original acts with places to play. There is always room to grow, however, especially as the list of talented artists in our area continues to do the same.

Of course, there is always speculation about turning Bethlehem’s Boyd Theatre into a live music venue. While we’re still on board with that being a great idea – think of the foot traffic! – we don’t own the place, and we realize that there are other areas of the Valley where bands and the community at large would also benefit from an increased presence of live music venues.

So… tell us where you are, why it would make a great place for a new venue, and what kind of music it should support. Or, in your opinion, is our scene fine as it is? Either way, we want to know what you think!

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