Review: Wet Dentist – The Coup de Grace

Artist: Wet Dentist
Album: The Coup de Grace (LISTEN)
Released: 2016
Genre: Electro/Experimental

Bethlehem’s Wet Dentist makes music that is about the soundscape. It is about experimentation, and the mood it creates. On his latest release, “The Coup de Grace,” James Kristoff is willing to push boundaries and leave electronica’s often comfortable confines to create something unique.

A salient feature of Wet Dentist’s music is to challenge convention, and that notion is alive and well on “The Coup de Grace.” Even a track that is a bit more formulaic in structure, like “Soak Cobalt *bloat*dye*croak,*” gets off and running with vivid instrumentation and effects to support Violet Payne’s pointed, primarily spoken-word vocals.

Of course, Kristoff isn’t afraid to keep the listener guessing all on his own. A track like album closer, “A Rare Earth Element,” moves from idea to idea, mixing frantic percussion with spacy, atmospheric sounds, challenging the listener to keep an open mind and ear toward experimentation.

Track listing:
1) Community Piano
2) Soak Cobalt *bloat*dye*croak* (ft. Violet Payne)
3) Life/Afterlife
4) Haus of Whoa
5) Lead Ashtray (ft. Violet Payne)
6) In Order to Ascend
7) A Rare Earth Element

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