A Note from the Founder for Our 200th Post

As I write this, it’s after midnight. I have to work in the morning, but I don’t feel like going to bed quite yet.

That’s because I’m pumped right now. Nights like tonight are why Lehigh Valley Underground exists, and I’m compelled to jump on here and tell you about it.

Tonight was the Second Annual Lehigh Valley Musicians’ Social, presented at The Originals Music Series by the Fyre & Ice Show. The night served as a good snapshot of the current state of our music scene – that is to say, folks from all walks of life, and from varying levels of influence, coming together to exchange ideas and support local, original music. There are so many people on our music scene who are beginning to join forces and tap even more into the Lehigh Valley’s boundless potential as an arts destination. With every night like tonight, we get closer to making that a reality.

For me, being able to chat with some of the musicians, supporters, and advocates who make our scene go gives me great hope toward the future of both Lehigh Valley Underground and our region’s culture at large. Before my eyes, I’m watching the scene evolve from smaller pockets to a bigger, more cooperative brother-and-sisterhood. Our scene has plenty of unifiers; people who truly want to make a difference and change the landscape of this area for the better. To go with that, we also have a bevy of ideas in our arsenal to make that happen.

Let’s not stop now, guys. Let’s continue to dedicate our time and talents toward the benefit of not only our music community, but the greater Lehigh Valley community at large.

We have great power within what we create. Let’s keep the party going.

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