Review: Greg in Good Company – Self-titled EP

Artist: Greg in Good Company
Album: Self-titled EP (BUY NOW)
Released: Spring 2016
Genre: Rock/Alternative

Greg Gilman is a Lehigh Valley native. He graduated from Southern Lehigh High School in 2005, attended Temple University and then, as the story goes, moved out to LA to follow dreams that included screenwriting and, of course, music.

His band’s name, Greg in Good Company, seems to be fitting. Gilman certainly has surrounded himself with a tight group of talented musicians who, simply put, make good music. The band’s self-titled EP reflects that.

Listeners will be taken in right away by Gilman’s infectious baritone on the EP’s lead track, the mid-tempo roots rocker “2 AM.” From there, things get funky with “Get Laid,” a refreshingly, if not brutally honest take on the dating scene, and “Save Me,” whose lyrics are, at first, surprisingly dark, given its bright instrumental grooves.

We then head into the land of balladry with “That Girl’s a Star,” a tender look at aspirations that are sometimes just beyond reach, and appear to be staying there if the beginning of album closer “Good God, Grace” is any indication. The end track then picks up from its tender piano beginnings, however, resulting in an up-tempo Americana tune with bluegrass sensibilities and crisp vocal harmonies.

All in all, Gilman and his band have put together a catchy, enjoyable listen that will become a quick favorite for most rock fans.

Track listing:
2 AM
Get Laid
Save Me
That Girl’s a Star
Good God, Grace

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