Blues and Acoustic Tunes for Sunday Afternoon

After a raucous first Saturday night of Musikfest — one during which Facebook Live just wouldn’t work, probably due to the mass of people using bandwidth in such a small area — we hit the scene this afternoon for a couple of early shows before coming back to prepare for tonight’s Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase, sponsored by Lehigh Valley Underground.

We arrived to Plaza Tropical in time for Miller and the Other Sinners, a blues/soul outfit from Buffalo, New York. Fronted by David Michael Miller, the Sinners played a noteworthy set full of blazing instrumental solos and extended jams — and, as luck would have it, Facebook Live was back up and running, if you want an example.

After the Sinners finished up at Plaza Tropical, we started to head back, but not before stopping at Red Stag Pub Liederplatz at the Sun Inn Courtyard to catch the end of a set from Reading-based folk band, Grexin’. The band was playing an unplugged set as part of the stage’s Acoustic Roadshow, and their crisp vocal harmonies and down-home rhythms made for a pleasant listen.

We’ll head out a bit later, of course, for the LVMAs Rock Showcase, featuring Another Day Dawns, Doubting Thoma$, The Cherrybombs, and Social Call. The fun starts at 8. See you there!


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