Happenings Around Day 3 of Musikfest

While we certainly found ourselves on-hand for the duration of the Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase, there was much more action to be enjoyed last night at Musikfest.

For one thing, we arrived to Plaza Tropical early enough to catch a good chunk of a set from Asbury Park, New Jersey’s Remember Jones. The stage name of soul singer Anthony D’Amato, Jones and his band used their immense talent to keep the early evening crowd singing and dancing along with interpretations of a jukebox worth of hits.

Then, as night fell and the Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase got underway, we remembered that something pretty cool was going on at the other end of the festival. Down at Volksplatz, The Amish Outlaws were playing Musikfest for the second night in a row. Lisa Robinson was a trooper last night, heading down there and pulling double duty in the process to capture some of the Outlaws’ always-entertaining, diverse set.

We’ll be heading back out this evening to catch Summer Scouts, Flowers for Taco, and Slingshot Dakota — and who knows what else!

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