Review: Mesa Jane – This Is How the Meek Riot

Artist: Mesa Jane
Album: This Is How the Meek Riot (LISTEN)
Released: Aug. 12, 2016
Genre: Indie pop

Mesa Jane’s “This Is How the Meek Riot” EP is a record with defined pop sensibilities. The singer’s catchy hooks stick out and make for fun sing-alongs. Yet, a spirit of experimentation is certainly alive on the new release, with gritty, distorted instrumentation and electronic soundscapes that make the record unique.

Each track on “This Is How the Meek Riot” goes unexpected places, and each time, the risk pays off. Opening track “It’s Still Free to Laugh” combines minimalist electronic beats with a simple, cheery piano progression while the Philly-based singer’s indie pop alto sings a catchy melody, complete with lyrics that look on the lighter side of life’s calamity. Meanwhile, “Waking Up to the Sound of a Machine” employs a heavy presence of electronic elements to add punch to an otherwise tender ballad.

“This Is How the Meek Riot” has no shortage of empowering messages. “Everybody Knows” switches back and forth between sweet verses and an uplifting, distorted rock chorus. Meanwhile, EP closer “Honestly” uses poignant spoken word verses to encourage the listener to make the world a better place.

Track listing:
1) It’s Still Free to Laugh
2) Everybody Knows
3) Waking Up to the Sound of a Machine
4) Honestly

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