Review: John Hufford – Person

Artist: John Hufford
Album: Person (LISTEN)
Released: 2014
Genre: Indie/Folk Rock

John Hufford is the quintessential indie folk artist: just a guy and his guitar, telling stories of love and life. This is reflected brilliantly on Hufford’s 2014 release, “Person.”

Hufford’s guitar work is mostly minimalist on the five-track effort, opting instead to place emphasis on the stories and imagery brought forth in his lyrics. A song like “This Lethal Edge” is a perfect example, as its picking intro leads the listener to focus on the dangerous love Hufford speaks. “To Know the Deeper You” drives this style home further, as it presents Hufford’s longing curiosity to learn about and relate to the object of his affection.

Another bright spot – in a literal and figurative sense – is album closer “Your Hand is in Mine (Freedom).” This is a distinctly more upbeat tune, perhaps with the intent of capturing the wonderment and liberation of being alongside the one you love.

Track listing:
This Lethal Edge
To Know the Deeper You
Your Hand is in Mine (Freedom)

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