Review: Doctor Ransom – Hook and Cross

On Doctor Ransom’s Facebook page, they proudly proclaim “Lehigh Valley garage rock. Playing Tunes Like it’s 1994!” It isn’t often that a band can so concisely describe their own music, but if their most recent single is any indication, the band knows their sound.

Fans of Weezer and Blink 182’s “Dude Raunch” will find a lot to love about Doctor Ransom’s “Hook and Cross”. If you’re looking for a more modern comparison, I would say the 2011 version of The Vaccines. The chorus is pop punk done perfectly, and the combination of the vocals and the precise, melodic guitar riff make an extremely catchy combination. Put simply, this track is a lot of fun.

Yes, Doctor Ransom has drawn from influences that were probably posters on their bedroom walls, but their sound is still unique. Think of Doctor Ransom’s treatment of their idols in the same manner that “Stranger Things” pays tribute to movies of the 80’s. The band lovingly embraces the past while creating music that could inspire another generation in the future.

Photo Via Doctor Ransom's Facebook Page.

Photo Via Doctor Ransom’s Facebook Page.

Although Doctor Ransom hasn’t announced an official release date for their next album, I for one am very interested in hearing their EP.  This track serves as a promising trailer for the band’s next album, but until then, enjoy “Hook and Cross” like it’s 1994.


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