LVU Super Saturday: Two Hits and a Miss (on our part)

After a wild and mostly wonderful October, I looked to Saturday as a big day. Through weddings, birthdays, and the Cubs’ epic World Series championship run, October was a very busy month that required a lot of weekend participation in my personal life.

I looked to Saturday, however, as a chance to get back to basics. I knew about plenty of great things happening in the Valley, and my goal was to get out on the scene. I did just that — even if I got off to a slow start.

First, after playing catch-up and getting the photos up from Thursday’s Roxy Theatre show, I embarked on a journey to Easton for the much-hyped Bacon Fest. I was leaving Bethlehem shortly before noon but, I thought to myself, “It should be early enough to find parking.”

Oh, how wrong I was…

By the time I reached Easton, traffic was backed up on Rt. 22. Moreover, there was not only no parking near the festival — there was no parking anywhere far away from the festival, either. After driving around for over an hour and still not finding a single spot, I opted against risking a tow (I heard horror stories about the result of the parking situation during Heritage Day) and chalked it up to a loss, returning to Bethlehem for my weekly grocery shopping. Still, I was bummed that I couldn’t catch some of my Easton favorites, like Shawn Cav Ensemble and Roi & the Secret People.


An artist’s rendering of my expression, when I realized that Saturday’s Bacon Fest exploits were not to be.

Fortunately, I would have two more, less-congested opportunities later in the day. First was Tape Swap Radio’s Fifth Annual Halloween Cover Show at The Ice House, which transformed the historic venue into one giant listening room as local bands musically “dressed up” as their favorite artists. I stuck around for a while, catching sets from Spiratchula (The Modern Lovers), McGarnagle (Modest Mouse), and Doghouse Charlie (The Velvet Underground). Overall, the atmosphere of The Ice House was great, and I’m really impressed by what Tape Swap Radio is doing. They always seem to draw a great crowd for their showcases, which is also a testament to the talent onstage.

I would have loved to stay at the Ice House longer, but I also remembered that my fellow Mega Power Dustin Schoof was playing across the bridge at SteelStacks as part of his duo, Blue Jean, and I wanted to make sure I caught some of their set. I did just that, catching their typical tight covers interspersed with originals, including selections from their album, “Goodnight Tonight.”

All in all, it was a great Saturday to get back to business in the Valley. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get a jump on the traffic for Day 2 of Bacon Fest.

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