New and Updated Lehigh Valley Music Awards Categories

If you have participated in the Lehigh Valley Music Awards nomination process in the past, you might notice some changes when making your picks for this year, whether you’ll cast your ballot in Fan or Industry categories.

The Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association has added or made changes to several categories, to continually present a more accurate, modern reflection of the Lehigh Valley’s music scene in 2016.

The updates are listed below. Both Fan and Industry nominations will be accepted through this Tuesday, November 15. For more information or to nominate your favorites, please visit

Outstanding Youth Solo/Band Associated with a School of 2016
Award for a youth band where most members range in age between 13 – 19, and are associated with a School’s music program. Excludes marching bands, which are included in the Fan ballot. Any student associated with a public or private school can be nominated in this revised category.

Outstanding Youth Solo/Band Not Associated with a School of 2016
Award for a youth band where most members range in age between 13 – 19, and are not associated with a school’s music program.

Outstanding Children’s Solo/Band of 2016
Award for a children’s band or solo act, recognizing talent and craftsmanship, where the majority of members are of age 12 or younger.

Outstanding Child Audience Music Performer of 2016
Award for an artist who performs regularly for children. Performances can take place at private venues, festivals, schools, and other organizations.

Outstanding Latin/Spanish Music Band/Soloist of 2016
Award for an individual or band who performs in Latin genres.

Outstanding Hip Hop/Urban DJ of 2016
An award for a Disc Jockey who performed in a group or demonstrated understood Urban DJ techniques. The DJ must use any or all of the following techniques: Scratching, Beat Juggling, Turntablism.

Outstanding Internet/Cable Broadcast Personality of 2016
Award for an Internet/Cable Broadcast personality for the quality of their performance on an internet radio show or podcast. Please use the personality’s real name and/or alias.

Outstanding for Internet/Cable Staffed Broadcast
An award recognizing quality internet broadcasts, including internet radio shows and podcasts.

Outstanding High School Marching Band of 2016
An award recognizing a local High School Marching Band for its performances and achievements. Please use both the school and marching band name when nominating.

LVMA18 Overall Fan’s Choice Award
Award for the individual most cherished by the awesome fans of the Lehigh Valley Music Scene. Can be a musician, venue, band, organization, or business.

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