502 South Compilation Release Show


On November 5th, 502 South celebrated the release of “The Philly Rock Comp Vol. 4” at Kung Fu Necktie. The concert was one of the various shows 502 South organized to showcase the talented punk musicians they’d selected to exemplify the ideals of Philly punk. The concert featured sets from 502 South artists Faringwell, Welter and Readership.


Faringwell opened the concert with a full sound, thanks to the interplay between guitarists Bobby Carter and Brian Bickel. Before going into their song “Convincing You,” Bobby noted that their contribution to the album was the last remnants of their past band. Despite the age of their “new band,” the members Faringwell displayed a sense of experience that must have come from playing hundreds of punk shows. Whereas Faringwell’s Brian Bickel used numerous guitar pedals that covered most of his section of the stage, Welter’s guitar player didn’t seem to use any, and the lack of pedals encapsulated Welter’s no nonsense approach to punk music. When I reviewed the split Welter released earlier this year, I was struck by how much their brand of punk music was inline with the Ramones. I really enjoyed hearing live versions of their songs “Idiot Check” and “Rock Star,” but I was pretty disappointed that they left “Civil War Reenactor” out of their set. Welter also performed “Executrix,” which is the opening track of 502 South’s latest compilation.

Welter performing at Kung Fu Necktie.


I’d previously only seen Readership perform an acoustic set at Boxcar, but I had high expectations for their live performance. Their latest album, “New Ways to Make the Same Mistakes,” was super polished and refined, so I was very interested to see how that would translate in a live setting. Overall, I found Readership very entertaining. My favorite song was probably “Bored to Death,” for which they’ve recently released a music video. Between their contribution to the split with Welter, the release of their new album, and their addition to 502’s compilation, Readership has had quite the prolific couple of months, and hopefully, they’ll continue to be as active in 2017.

As I stated, this was a concert celebrating 502’s latest compilation, and I highly recommend checking out that album. Although the fourth 502 South compilation just came out, I’m already excited to hear what bands will be on the next release. If you’re interested in celebrating the 502 South release, the next concert is December 2nd.


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