PHOTOS: Pentley & The Lucid Dreamers at The Wooden Match

Even as 2016 and, subsequently, LVU’s rookie year was coming to a close, we still found ourselves in a new spot to celebrate local music before ringing in the New Year.

On Friday night, we swung by The Wooden Match in Bethlehem to catch Pentley & The Lucid Dreamers deliver a soulful set reflective of the work on their recent album, “Rip Out My Heart.”

Selections from “Rip Out My Heart” held up well alongside some popular covers, played to endear the casual listener  Frontman Pentley Holmes sounded every bit as good live as he does on the album, and the vintage-meets-modern sounds of original tunes like album opener “Lonely” projected well, yet were a great fit for The Wooden Match’s laid back, dimly-lit ambiance.

I was able to snag a few photos. We look forward to seeing Pentley & The Lucid Dreamers again in 2017.

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