PHOTOS: The Originals Music Series Two-Year Anniversary Bash

The first Friday of 2017 marked a celebration two years in the making.

The Originals Music Series, presented by Neue Regel Radio’s The Fyre & Ice Show, celebrated its second anniversary with a night of rock that was loud, heavy, and high-energy. Lehigh Valley Underground was on-hand (and a certain handsome devil was the night’s Master of Ceremonies), as were our good friends from WTYT Radio in Bethlehem.

The three bands on the bill — Dead:Stop, REVEL 9, and Autoerotica — were a great fit together on the bill. Yet,¬†each brought its own brand of hard rock flair to the stage.

We started things off with Dead:Stop, whose youthful stage presence led to an engaging performance comprised mostly of the band’s versatile originals, with a couple of covers splashed in here and there. (If you haven’t heard their version of “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by now, go do it. The photos will be below when you return.)

Next up, we had our pals from Long Island (and #GoodFriendsoftheShow) REVEL 9, who braved three states worth of traffic and lead singer DJ Pearlman’s cold to sound great and have some fun onstage. The band demoed some new material, which fit well into the set with favorites from “The Reality Crush” and “The Razorblade Diaries,” and “All I’ve Become” was a particular set highlight (although, we may be biased).

Finishing off the night was Autoerotica, who sounded as tight as ever as they delivered the night’s heaviest set (which is saying something!). Frontman Nick Arlea was as on-point as I’ve ever heard him vocally, and blazing guitars from Greg Ort and newcomer Eddie Cooley (who sported an 18-string beauty for much of the set) helped melt faces throughout the venue.

Lastly, on behalf of LVU, I want to thank Ninja and Pitbull (Tracie and Amy) for their continued partnership. It was my honor and privilege to emcee the night’s events, and I offer my congratulations on two great years — and hopefully, many more — of The Originals Music Series.


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  • Thank you, Tracie, & Amy, AKA Ninja, and Pitbull. For all your support of not only Autoerotica but for all the bands you have helped throughout The years of hard work in the underground music scene. We had a great time and appreciate everything you both do! Thank you Chicago’s! Also sound man Marty, Thank you to the Fan’s always! Cheers Nick Arlea

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