New in 2017: With Knichael Might’s ‘Hyperspace,’ The Future is Here

Artist: Knichael Might
Album: Hyperspace (LISTEN)
Released: Jan. 9, 2017
Genre: Synthpop/Retrowave/VGM

Knichael Might (real name Chris Severn) is a Bethlehem native, and he’s about to take you on an interstellar journey.

Listening to the retrowave synth sounds of his new album, “Hyperspace,” takes us back to a time of envisioning the future as being filled with flying cars and intergalactic cities. It’s part movie soundtrack, part video game soundtrack, with a dash of modern EDM permeating the surface.

“Hyperspace” is laden with futuristic, instrumental soundscapes that, as I’m writing this review, are helping me to focus. Listening through the album provides an intensity and urgency which makes me want to take on the world, and not stop until I write all of the Lehigh Valley Underground posts I can possibly imagine…

…or, at the very least, take Sonic the Hedgehog through the Chemical Plant Zone in record time.

Track listing:
His Name is Kincade
A.L.S.A.S. – Air Land Sea and Space Theme Song
Nanotech Apocalypse
You Had Me at Abacab
Herbie Wears Urban Pastels
The Montage
Mission Determined
The Negotiations
Miami Niiiiice
Constable Ninja 2 – Hyperspace – End Credits – Bonus

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