Saturday Doubleheader Part 2: Shawn Cav Ensemble Crowdfunding Performance

After enjoying some great acoustic tunes and the glorious smells of craft beer and artisan pizza (that I swear I’ll treat myself to, one of these months) at Scratch, it was time to head to Catasauqua’s Unicorn Theatre. That’s where Shawn Cav Ensemble was beginning their crowdfunding performance in support of their upcoming second album.

If you’ve never had the chance to see Shawn Cav Ensemble live, now is a good time to start. This is a band that sounds better each time out, and they’re working together as a well-oiled machine as they prepare to record Album #2. Saturday night’s performance was tighter than ever. Each tune told a story and created a feeling without the need to say a word, thanks to the lyrical improvisation of Matt Truscott’s saxophone and the guitar work of Stephen Collins.

The best part? All proceeds from this riveting performance are going right back to provide more listening pleasure for the Ensemble’s fans later this year.

One last note: The Unicorn Theatre’s atmosphere is inspiring! It’s an intimate space whose the lighting and unique art on the walls add an ambiance befitting of artful jazz/post-rock fusion (as was the case last night), and would, in my mind, similarly complement an indie rock showcase. I’m excited to go back to this cool little venue!

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