LVU Wants to Know: Who Do You Want to Play With?

As a musician, surely you have a wish list of artists with whom you would like to share a stage.

Perhaps you’re dreaming big, looking up to that band or performer you’ve admired since childhood, thinking of how incredible it would be to perform alongside an idol.

Or, perhaps there’s someone on the local level you’d like to do a show with. Maybe you’ve performed with this act before, but maybe you haven’t.


Pictured: An artist’s rendering of what I’d look like as Cupid, retrieved from the bowels of Google.

We care about you here at Lehigh Valley Underground, and we want to know your dreams, no matter what they are!

So, let’s hear it: Who do you want to play with, and why? Realize that we’re probably limited in our ability to help you play with, say, a Bon Jovi type. However, if it’s a local artist whose collaborative efforts you seek, it’s totally reasonable that it’s within our power to play musical Cupid.

What are you waiting for? Tell us in the comments below!


  • Some of our current favs (as Alex Mery & The Townsmen) that we would like to perform with include: Stephen Kellogg, Greg Graffin, Wilco, Jared & The Mill, Gregory Alan Isakov, Paul Kelly, Billy Bragg, Against Me!, Tom Delonge (as long as the aliens don’t have him), Donna and the Buffalo, Clover Leaf…. and the list goes on!

  • There are soooo many great bands in the LV, I want to play with all of them! But, by going to the open mics and open jams around here you CAN play with a lot of these local greats! As far as regional acts, and folks I’d love to share a stage with? Appalachian Gypsy Tribe, Citizen Band Radio come to mind. Big acts? Jason Isbell, of course. Though I’d probably be incapable of breathing, let alone playing.

  • Hmmmmm- I’d have to say anyone down at Musikfest , Steel Stacks , the levitt pavilion or any of the rock bands at the sellersville theatre, Roxy or State Theatre.

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