The ‘Secret’ is Out! Marc Ambrosia’s New Single Shimmers

Hear Marc Ambrosia’s new single, “Let Me Be Your Secret,” this Monday on an all-new edition of The Quinn Spinn.

After his brilliant 2015 pop rock effort, “Footprints,” captivated regional audiences with its sense of wonder and imagination, South Jersey native singer-songwriter Marc Ambrosia has returned with a more mature, R&B-infused sound on his new single, “Let Me Be Your Secret.”

Ambrosia’s distinctive voice is supported with a electronic beat that adds a groovy rhythmic layer, accented by synths that help us hear a new side of the singer-songwriter.

Even with the pivot in direction, however, “Let Me Be Your Secret” is still undeniably a Marc Ambrosia tune — tender and soulful, with a song structure that would work just as well supported by only an acoustic guitar as it does in its full ambiance.

Check out “Let Me Be Your Secret” below!

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