Summer Scouts Conjure Musikfest Memories with “Give It Our All” Video

BeforeĀ Summer ScoutsĀ hit the American Spirits Roadhouse stage as part of our May-riffic Music Festival on Saturday, May 27 (8:15 p.m.), we want to give you a preview of what’s to come with the video for the band’s newest single, “Give It Our All.”

Screaming guitars and an upbeat power pop sensibility rule the day on the Allentown quartet’s newest release. A pulsing, danceable drum beat and ambient guitars underscore the verses, building anticipation until the tune’s anthemic chorus kicks in and gives the listener a chance to let loose.

Visually, the song’s music video (which was released in March) features the band during its 2016 performance on Musikfest’s Plaza Tropical stage — a night which, as we can attest, was filled with the same raw, youthful energy put forth in this song.

In fact, just thinking of that night has us excited all over again for Summer Scouts to join us at May-riffic! Until then, at least we can relive past glories below!

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