Above the Mendoza Hits a Home Run with ‘A Shoulder to Lean On, But Not a Crutch’

Artist: Above the Mendoza
Album: A Shoulder to Lean On, But Not a Crutch
Released: May 15, 2017
Genre: Pop punk

Our first encounter with Above the Mendoza was on Record Store Day at Spin Me Round, when they performed among a host of alternative and punk bands who brought high energy to the Jersey side of the Valley all afternoon and evening.

That energy continues on “A Shoulder to Lean On, But Not a Crutch” – 21 minutes of pop punk goodness from this rising Philly-area band.

The six songs on “A Shoulder to Lean On…” are largely loud and anthemic, recalling the heyday of bands like Good Charlotte and A New Found Glory with big-sounding, melodic hooks and power pop harmonies. Tunes like album opener “House Special 2” and “Consciously Comatose” are fun tracks to allow listeners to jump around and blow off some steam. Meanwhile, penultimate track “Cambridge” is an encouraging ballad peppered with a heavy dash of emo.

Check out “A Shoulder to Lean On, But Not a Crutch” below!

Track listing:
House Special 2
Over and Over
Consciously Comatose
Father Time
Back Room


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