Living ‘Life on the High Wire’

As creatives and entrepreneurs, the reality we face is one of myriad challenges. Achieving our goals is no simple task, as each day is its own puzzle that we must solve in order to keep pressing ahead on our respective missions.


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Sometimes, obstacles rear their heads in the form of external forces that we cannot control. Other times, the people we know — and sometimes, even those closest to us — call our endeavors into question.┬áSometimes, the barriers exist within our own minds, influenced by a world that is often and increasingly risk-averse.

For those who can relate, Creative Confidential’s Bryan Tuk released a short episode in his podcast series. The episode, titled “Life on the High Wire,” speaks to the balance and the focus that we must achieve in order to turn our dreams into reality. Bryan analyzes the factors that stand in the way of any entrepreneur from time to time to deliver a simple message — “Keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other.”

If you find yourself needing a little extra motivation on this Saturday afternoon, here it is!

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