May-riffic: By the Numbers

With our May-riffic Music Festival just two – count ‘em – two days away at American Spirits Roadhouse, we want to break things down to let you know just how good of a time you’re in for when you spend Memorial Day Weekend with us.

So, we’re breaking out the simple arithmetic – which could be dangerous, seeing as I was an English major – to impress upon you the sheer magnitude of this event (which, by the way, is the place to be this weekend).

May-riffic: By the Numbers

14: This is the number of performers who will grace the American Spirits Roadhouse stages – yes, stages – over the course of the weekend. With that, we segue brilliantly into our next number…

Tonys and Tapas

Advertisement: Civic Theatre of Allentown’s Tonys & Tapas June 11.

2: The number of stages, weather-permitting, at American Spirits Roadhouse. We say “weather-permitting,” because one of them is outdoors. Forecasts so far say that we’re in the clear for Saturday, but Sunday looks a little more iffy. At any rate, we’ll move inside of the Roadhouse in the event of rain. The show must go on!

2: Also the number of days May-riffic will last this weekend, with the bands split evenly across both. That means there will be…

7: acts per day. The lineups for each day, in order of appearance, are as follows:

Saturday: Carter Lansing, Jordyn Kenzie, Chelsea Lyn Meyer, Leah Marie Fuls, Rofo Audio (acoustic), Summer Scouts, Camo, Rofo Audio (electric)
Sunday: Hannah Violet, Danielle & Jennifer, Alex Mery & The Townsmen, Pentley Holmes, The Outcrops, Roi and the Secret People, VICTIM

Remember, as announced earlier, Rofo Audio is graciously filling in late for Autoerotica on Saturday night due to unforeseen circumstances.

2: The time Carter Lansing takes the stage to open the festival on Saturday.

12: The time Hannah Violet kicks off the second day of action on Sunday.

20.5: The estimated number of hours of music that await you throughout the weekend at May-riffic Music Festival.

100s: The number of potential food and drink combinations you can enjoy at American Spirits Roadhouse during May-riffic. In addition to the normal ASR menu, we’ll have the barbecue pit fired up (weather permitting), plus plenty of alcoholic (21+) and non-alcoholic beverage options. Try whatever you’d like!

15 / 25: The price of admission. You can get a day pass for $15 at the door on either day, and you can get a weekend pass for $25 either at the door or by following this link.

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