Review: Warren North – Game of Love

Artist: Warren North
Album: Game of Love EP
Release Date: June 6, 2017
Genre: Pop/Rock

Back in October, Warren North released “Café,” the first single from his forthcoming “Game of Love” EP. At the time, we dubbed the mid-tempo pop tune a “vintage look at modern romance;” one that borrowed from popular music’s old school while sounding accessible for the present.

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On Tuesday, the rest “Game of Love” will officially arrive, and there is much to enjoy about the Sunsets North frontman’s four-track pop rock volume.

Opening and title track “Game of Love” is a funky, upbeat way to start the record; one that seems to borrow some influence from contemporary acts like Daft Punk and X Ambassadors. A bit later, the emotion is palpable on “She’s Got a Hold on Me,” as North’s vocal bubbles with desperation to escape the addiction of a toxic-turning relationship.

Closing the effort is “Break the Mold,” a tender ballad for the hopeless romantic in all of us.

Track listing:
Game of Love
She’s Got a Hold on Me
Break the Mold

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