Review: Stay Loud Delivers on Their Name on ‘The Basement’

Artist: Stay Loud
Album: The Basement – EP
Released: May 13, 2017
Genre: Pop Punk/Alternative

Perhaps it’s fitting that we, being Lehigh Valley Underground, are about to review an EP called “The Basement” by Northeast PA pop punks Stay Loud. After all, the #GoUnderground hashtag might suggest to some that we’ve dwelled in plenty of basements in our day.

Destined to escape their basement, however, is this four-piece alt-rock powerhouse, who stays true to their name with a high-energy, emotionally-charged effort.

The EP starts off with the anthemic title track, which speaks to the life and times of an up-and-coming band trying to make it into the public consciousness. The energy keeps going on “Goodbye,” which serves as a fun jump-around tune with lyrics rooted in classic, pop punk relationship angst.

Things get heavier on “Drifting,” whose bassline and melody recalls some of Green Day’s most popular work, and “Coming Home.” Even more urgent than “Drifting,” “Coming Home” heads more solidly into alt-rock territory, and features an instrumental bridge whose tension serves as the EP’s emotional apex.

To close the effort, we cool off with forlorn ballad “Alone,” whose ambient, reverb-heavy guitars and searching vocals are sure to bring out the emo kid in all of us. Check it out below!

Track listing:
Coming Home

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