On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen: Day #2 – Double Header in Delaware

Well, it’s 5 a.m., and we have all finally settled into our resting places for the evening after a long, traffic filled, but rewarding day in Wilmington, Delaware.

First, we packed up the trailer and took a group photo with our furry mascot, “Riley,” before hitting the road. Upon arrival, we spent time at the local ShopRite busking for our dinner and some tips.  The patrons enjoyed our entertainment, and we were even able to pick up a few last minute items as well! One patron, “Dawn,” was celebrating her birthday, so both Alex Generous and Zach Russack serenaded her during their set.

After only a short drive into downtown Wilmington, we arrived at Ernest & Scott Taproom for Wilmo Wednesday, presented by Gable Music Adventures. Simultaneously, the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival was taking place, so I was able to catch a few tunes before the skies opened and it started to pour.

After some delicious truffle Parmesan fries, we shared the stage with several talented acts, hosted by Jared Obstfeld of Gable Music Adventures.  We enjoyed meeting many talented acts, and are looking forward to what Virginia has in store for us when we wake next. Stay tuned!

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