LVU Wants to Know: What Has You Excited About Musikfest?

Guys, it’s getting real now…

In two weeks, we’ll be smack in the middle of Musikfest.

We’re ready for ten days of non-stop music, mug filling, Aw Shucks corn, and merriment. However, there are specific things about this year’s festival that we’re looking forward to. Some we’ll get into over the next couple of weeks; others, we’ve already mentioned AND YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY COME TO ON MONDAY, AUGUST 7 AT 7:30 P.M. AT PLAZA TROPICAL!!!1!

Sorry for the outburst. I just got excited. Can you blame me?

Anyway, this isn’t about me. It’s about you! With so much excitement to descend onto Bethlehem in a couple weeks, tell us: What about Musikfest has you ready to scream with child-like glee?


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  • Visiting the artisans, hearing great live music, and seeing talented performers from all over the country all come together in one spot!

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