Review: Kayla Avitabile – Awkward and Absent

Hear Kayla Avitabile perform this Friday, September 1 at Lit Roastery & Bakeshop at 5:30 p.m. as part of the Lehigh Valley Underground First Friday Concert Series, presented in conjunction with SouthSide Arts District.

Artist: Kayla Avitabile
Song: Awkward & Absent
Released: April 2017
Genre: Alternative Rock

One of the best things about First Friday is the chance for our community in South Bethlehem to discover new artists. For sure, young, Phillipsburg-based singer-songwriter Kayla Avitabile is one worth discovering.

Take “Awkward and Absent,” Kayla’s most recently-released single. The tune is a pensive alt-rocker that settles into a down-tempo groove, and one on which she showcases her many talents, having laid down the bass, acoustic, and electric guitar tracks on the instrumental.

Standing out the most, however, is Kayla’s powerful voice. Kayla’s range and command of her soulful vocal instrument is clearly developed beyond her years, a fact which appears most impressive during the song’s bridge (beginning at 3:20).

Check out “Awkward & Absent” below, and hear more of Kayla this Friday at Lit Roastery & Bakeshop at 5:30 p.m.


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