PHOTOS: No Remedy for Madness at Hammerhead Lounge

After another lovely visit with our pals Roi and the Secret People, it was time to get our show on the road up to Northampton for a night of hard rock and general debauchery.

That, of course, is what VICTIM always seems to bring to the table wherever they go. Saturday night was no different, as they welcomed Signs of Madness back into the fold for the first of a two-part series called “No Remedy for Madness,” which cleverly makes use of the title of VICTIM’s upcoming album, “No Remedy.”

The “early” crowd was treated to the straight-up heavy metal of Signs of Madness. The band’s sound is equal parts melodic and aggressive, complete with pounding percussion, pulsing bass lines, and scorching guitars, all tied together by the vocal versatility of frontman Alexander Kristof.

Then, it was time to get up close and personal with VICTIM, a notion which is pretty much a guarantee when taking frontman Cris Moser into account. Moser thrives off of the interaction of the band’s loyal following, and always goes to great lengths — and often, pushes the envelope — to make everyone in attendance feel like a part of the show.

Overall, VICTIM continues to pick up steam, and their big sound, contagious energy, and thought-out presentation can’t be denied. The addition of Bill Caufman on drums has allowed the notorious party punks to be more dynamic by moving Mike Wambold to join lead axe man Eric Budihas on guitar, and the always-steady Lee Billy’s bass work provides VICTIM with the foundation it needs.


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