Review: Kayla Avitabile – The Difference Between Fine and Okay

Artist: Kayla Avitabile
Album: The Difference Between Fine and Okay (BUY NOW)
Released: 2017
Genre: Alternative Rock

Prior to the first ever Lehigh Valley Underground First Friday Concert Series earlier this month, we reviewed Kayla Avitabile’s single “Awkward & Absent,” which gives a title to the young singer-songwriter’s debut album, “The Difference Between Fine and Okay.”

As it turns out, the single was a nice introduction to what we can expect from Avitabile, as it contains several key features present throughout the record: ambitious songwriting, profound lyrics, and a voice that may be the most powerful and seasoned among her school-aged contemporaries.

Avitabile is unafraid to experiment on “The Difference Between Fine and Okay,” mixing in tempo shifts to keep listeners captive through six dynamic and unpredictable tracks. The EP, recorded and mixed by Matt Molchany at Shards studio in South Bethlehem, brings the singer’s immense vocal abilities to the forefront, showcasing Avitabile’s range and command that makes her one to keep an ear on going forward.

Track listing:
Alternative Facts
Crystal Blue
Good Enough
Awkward & Absent
Remember When

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