Alpha Zero Three Releases Strong, Anthemic Debut

Artist: Alpha Zero Three
Album: Alpha Zero Three
Released: Sept. 7, 2017
Genre: Rock/Alternative/Hard Rock

Alpha Zero Three has been playing out around the Lehigh Valley for more than a year. All the while, they’ve slowly leaked songs, one by one, from an album that they teased was forthcoming.

A few months back, and after nearly a year of anticipation, the band announced that its self-titled debut would finally be released on September 7, 2017. Certainly, it was worth the wait!

Alpha Zero Three’s debut – produced by keyboardist Bob Giovannetti at Crystal Pig Studios in Alpha, NJ – features 12 strong modern rock tracks that pull influence from alternative giants like Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, and Audioslave, with a touch of Beatles-esque whimsy in spots. These 54 minutes are filled with infectious hooks, sing-along choruses, and rock and roll swagger.

Highlights include “Red,” an opening track that drives relentlessly forward and is complete with a dramatic bridge; “Ghost,” which features blistering guitars and pounding drums for perhaps the band’s heaviest moment on the album; and “Waiting on Myself,” a tune that is anthemic in a way one might expect a Foo Fighters single to be, and which contains a beautiful transition into a Beatles-esque bridge.

The fun doesn’t stop there. This self-titled debut features plenty of moments sure to have mass appeal. Vocalist Monty Leach’s hook on “Take Me Over” in infectious, while previously-released single “My Signal” gives us a glimpse of the band’s lighter side,

Track listing:
Take Me Over
My Signal
Waiting on Myself
Sons and Angels
All My Days


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